About Clairvoyance
clairYou will probably have a fun, informative time if you do not come into a reading with preconceived notions or expectations.  Try to leave behind what you have read in books, been told by others, or even what you believe.   Allow the experience to be informal and unfold naturally.    A clairvoyant does not "know" or "hear" every single thought you have in your mind. Most of the time we are staying away from your mind because that is not where truth or fact resides and the mind often gives very confusing details. We are reading the frequencies of vibration that exist outside of you and the energies that you bring with you into the reading session.

What we do is completely release all personal attachment and open all the clairvoyant and sensory channels  to be a receiver and transmitter for invisible matter. Vibrations and frequencies carry communication and  clairvoyants are hypersensitive to it all.  No, this is not the same skill as a well trained intuition. Intuition,  comes from inside of me. And from inside of you, it is an   internal wisdom.  My clairvoyant ability   comes from outside of me into me and enters my mind, my skin and every cell of my being including my sense of smell.,  blending external communication with my internal mind and sensory system.    When you arrive for a reading expect it to be a relaxing and calm experience , you will leave feeling relieved, uplifted and positive.   When a reader asks you questions they are not trying to have you give them facts that they can capitalize upon. What they are doing is taking time to make a connection with you, and as you answer the questions more of those invisible and little known details are revealing to the reader in order to expand the information on your behalf.  They are listening to what and how you are answering so that deeper layers will unfold. Usually  information will already be coming to the reader long before you arrive for your session  and by asking you questions they are fine tuning the clarity of what they are seeing & hearing in order to give you more in depth,  detailed information.   You should not come into a reading for the superficial realities you are already acquainted with, or for information you already know about,  it is best used  for what lies beneath what you already know.  And yes, information can sometimes be far into the future as opposed to present time, this happens.  Sometimes even the reader can not calculate how far forward something is likely to play out.

You may have an idea of what information will come forward or what you need to happen, but most likely something more unexpected will happen.  When I'm reading for  you I'm not digging for information or attempting to listen to your mind, I'm just letting and allowing whatever reveals itself to come forward and be recognized, and the information is flooding in from many different directions and sources.  Then I'm sharing that information with you, because most likely you will be the one to know the true significance, but sometimes I will know the value of what is being shared while you will have to allow it to unfold.   If something makes no sense to you just know that it is being revealed for a reason and the explanation, even the importance will unfold long after the consult.

When a clairvoyant is looking at information we are moving around it getting many perspectives and views of an issue or topic which is why if you see various readers about the same question or life area  every reader will give you a different response or a variation on the details.

Something may get revealed that you totally disagree with, just stay relaxed if this happens because hidden emotional ties and resistances can get brought into reality for you to come into a newer and healthier viewpoint of  a previous or present resistance within you.  There are often times in a reading when a truth gets offered up  that is factual in nature but your consciousness is unaware.  It is common for information to be speaking about a past life, or an ancestor or a past historical relevance.

Seeing clairvoyantly is not as simple (or odd) as it seems.  Seeing is one part, but the reader also must analyze the information and then interpret it into common language.  Clairvoyant vision is sometimes literal and often times symbolic. Interpreting symbolism is a challenging & difficult thing to do.  Sometimes it can feel a bit mysterious but this is often when the understanding you are seeking is more of a spiritual  concept and these are highly complex matters of what is called purified truth, so the replies can seem a bit hard to grasp.  Clairvoyants are seeing pictures, hearing communications, sensing waves of vibration and experiencing feelings and emotions, (often times events) none of which are their own and then having to blend it all into a sensible and logical delivery and we do this very quickly.  There is also the invisible nature, like atoms and molecules that are unable to be distinguished by the naked eye but are present, available & real. This is the reality a clairvoyant is existing in, and through which is attempting to assist you with your questions and needs.  So when you see a clairvoyant and they give you a reply to a question you've asked and then another reader gives you a different reply to the same question and you are wondering who is right the answer is they both probably are, they are just looking at it through a variety of lenses and those lenses are altering, changing and moving constantly.